Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy aims to uncover the wisdom within you through a body based form of life mentoring.  With that information you are then guided on how to utilize it for making lasting changes to your health and vitality.

Yoga at Home

Forms of yoga practice have been around for thousands of years and ancient traditions have had widespread

influence on bodywork modalities aimed at improving health and wellness.  Even Dr. Rolf herself found some inspiration for 

her system of soft tissue manipulation through yoga based movements and philosophical concepts. The mindfulness

achieved through a yoga practice is complimentary to the work of structural integration.

What makes yoga therapy different than the yoga typically offered at studios today is it's highly individualized and organic practices connected through key elements including befriending one's body, developing awareness of hindrances to moving forward, embodying acceptance of where you are, opening up possibilities to choose differently, discerning what choices are best for you, speaking your truth, living your truth, and going with the flow of life.

Yoga therapy may be received in a variety of settings.  You may practice in private sessions, in group practices, on-line, or in person.  As a recipient of a session you work with a facilitator on what's showing up for you that needs some attention or changing.  Common reasons people seek yoga therapy include chronic pains, dealing with depression, overcoming anxiety, handling significant life changes, managing stress, and moving forward with personal transformations.

What you may expect to receive from yoga therapy sessions:

  •  A practice that's tailored to your individual needs and interests.​

  •  Hands-on assists and/or supportive cues to help support you through postures and transitions.

  •  Guided meditation and integration within every yoga practice.

  •  Walking out of practice feeling better and more energized than when you walked in.  

  •  Improvements in your physical and mental performance throughout the remainder of the day or week.

  •  Greater sense of balance and connection between different aspects of your life.  


Noel's Yoga Training and Experience

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training, Charleston Power Yoga, 2013

300 Hr Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Training, 2019

600 Hr Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, 2020

900 Hr Certified International Alliance of Yoga Therapists, 2021

Certified Rolf Movement Practitioner, 2020

Teaching and assisting classes since 2005 at various locations including:

YMCA of Beaufort, The Foundry Gym, OMNI Health and Fitness, Blue Fish Fitness Club, Long Training Studios, Charleston Power Yoga, Mt. Pleasant Soccer Academy, Breathe Pilates, Blue Turtle Yoga, Soul Yoga and Wellness, Studio 33 Kiawah, and

Palmetto Behavioral Health Center

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