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Integrative Stretching for Strength and Conditioning

Continuing education workshop designed for health and movement professionals such as personal trainers, body workers, massage therapists, and yoga instructors who wish to learn more about how to stretch in the training room to facilitate greater range in their clients safely and efficiently.

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Integrative Stretching for Strength and Conditioning

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Time is TBD

Drake Fitness, 2041 Wappoo Dr Suite C, Charleston, SC 29412, USA

About the Event

Integrative Stretching for Strength and Conditioning

Continuing Education Course for Movement Professionals

Presented by Noel L. Poff

Certified Advanced Rolfer, CSCS, Certified Yoga Therapists, CPT, LMT (SC.5527), RYT-500

Approved for 12 CE Hours by NCBTMB

Course Description

This course is an addendum to a program of assisted stretching called Integrative Stretching (IS).  The goal of IS is to provide personal trainers, coaches, massage therapists, fitness professionals, movement therapists, and bodyworkers with an extra set of techniques and skills geared towards improving functional movements of their clients through assisted stretching and soft-tissue manipulation techniques.

The course Integrative Stretching for Strength and Conditioning goes more in detail about how to apply the principles and methods of IS into addressing areas and limitations related to movements found in most strength and conditioning programs.  The movements of particular focus in this workshop are ten training movements: Squat, Deadlift, Lunge, Vertical Pull, Vertical Press, Horizontal Pull, Horizontal Press, Trunk Flexion, Trunk Extension, and Trunk Rotation.

Participants may expect to gain further familiarity with the skeletal, neural, muscular, and fascial anatomy and kinesiology related to athletic training movements.  This information will be used to guide participants through learning new assisted stretching and myofascial release techniques designed to promote functional range of motion in their visitors.

Learning Objectives

During this workshop participants will:

  • Review the different motion of joints along the kinetic chain and what myofascial anatomy supports their stability and motion.
  • Review common movement limitations in joints of the kinetic chain during key training movements.
  • Review qualities of a squat that limit and permit the motion and observe how those can be addressed to improve function.
  • Review qualities of a lunge that limit and permit the motion and observe how those can be addressed to improve function.
  • Review qualities of vertical pulls and pushes that limit and permit the motion and observe how those can be addressed to improve function.
  • Review qualities of horizontal pulls and pushes that limit and permit the motion and observe how those can be addressed to improve function.
  • Review qualities of a hip hinge that limit and permit the motion and observe how those can be addressed to improve function.
  • Review qualities of bending and twisting the trunk that limit and permit the motion and observe how those can be addressed to improve function.
  • Review the science and principles behind stretching, myofascial release, PNF, and AIS.
  • Differentiate between hard and soft-end feels of joints and learn how to work with and around structural limitations.
  • Set different baselines and systems of measurement in order to track progress for functionality in motions of the body including walking, squatting, lunging, pulling, pressing, bending, and twisting.
  • Learn how to combine notions of PNF patterns and myofascial meridians in stretching the body for better performance in athletic movements.
  • Learn to use stretching techniques that address parts of the body in terms of improving their functions.
  • Strategize and perform sessions based on an individual’s needs for work ranging from 5-30 minutes

Learning Outcomes

After completing this workshop participants will:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in applying integrative stretching in different settings.
  • Be better able to make safe and effective contact with clients through hands-on stretching towards improving performance of basic functional movements.
  • Be able to safely and effectively coach participants through the use of self-myofascial release tools (e.g. foam rollers, dowels) in order to address a particular movement quality.
  • Be able to set “baselines” as a means of measuring functional ROM progress.
  • Demonstrate understanding of different physical qualities that permit or inhibit a movement.
  • Be able to create and utilize an integrative stretching sequence that covers most movements of a chosen training movement in a stand-alone session.
  • Be able to recognize common musculoskeletal/myofascial issues that arise in the ability to perform basic exercises.
  • Understand theories explaining how proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and myofascial manipulation work in relation to promoting integrative movement.


Noel L. Poff is a Certified Advanced Rolfer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Yoga Therapist, and Registered Yoga Teacher.  He has been observing and helping people improve their health and wellness since 2004.  He started his career as a certified personal trainer specializing in athletic conditioning, specifically in martial arts training and conditioning.  In 2007 he completed his massage therapy certification before graduating from the University of South Carolina in 2009.  After earning his Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy he worked a full time schedule in both personal training and massage therapy until 2013 where he became a certified yoga instructor and began teaching classes based on hatha yoga in addition to his work as a CPT and LMT.  In 2016 Noel became a Certified Rolfer™ and subsequently started his private practice now known by the name of Shift Rolfing and Wellness where he serves his client through sessions that incorporate manual therapy, yoga therapy, assisted stretching, movement education, and fitness coaching.

Noel started presenting principles and techniques to other health professionals in 2017 after becoming a certified continuing education provider by the NCBTMB with classes focused on integrating assisted stretching in massage and bodywork sessions.  He also has presented the same information to fitness professionals in relation to what they do in terms of movement improvement.  Noel seeks to continue offering these classes and further specializing them for manual therapists, yoga teachers, movement teachers, personal trainers, as well as strength and conditioning coaches.

Find out more about Noel and his services at www.shiftrolfing.com.





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