There’s been a long time of me wearing many different hats in health and wellness.  My career started with personal training in 2005 which then added massage therapy in 2007.  I also started wearing the hat of yoga instructor starting in 2013.  In 2016 I decided to consolidate my hats into one by diving headfirst into my independent practice in 2016 after becoming a Certified Rolfer.  This practice has given me the space and freedom to utilize a wide variety of skills and experience while wearing just one outfit.  As that outfit became more adaptable I began to truly appreciate the holistic effects of what I do in the business of health promotion.  This awareness continues to lead me towards further training and education.   


With each year that passes, and each person I help, there is palpable change in both my visitors as well as myself.  My purpose is to help continue sharing the benefits of structural integration and movement based therapies.  I believe this requires being always open to shifting my own perspective on how to help support optimal movement, radiant health, and purpose driven lives.


Though are many valuable questions to ask in regards to making healthy changes I invite you to consider just a few:


”What do you want to change?”

”Why is it important for you?”

”How will you create that change?”

”What would be supportive in doing that?”        


Excited to be a part of your journey!


My education

Rolfing Structural Integration®, 600 Hour Accelerated Foundations Program, Rolf Institute of Structural Integration® in Boulder, CO, 2016


​Advanced Rolfing: SI 24 Day Training Program in Charleston, WV, 2018

Rolf Movement Certification Program, 2017-2020


​Massage Therapy 750 Hour Certification Program, Technical College of the Lowcountry in Bluffton, SC, 2007​

175 Hours of Hands-On Human Dissection, Integral Anatomy, 2017-2021


Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy, University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC, 2009

Certified Yoga Instructor, 200 Hour Teacher Training, Charleston Power Yoga, 2013

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, 300 Hour Teacher Training Bridge, Soul Yoga + Wellness, 2019

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, 600 Hour Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, 2020

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, 900 Hour C-IAYT, 2021

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NSCA, 2010

Certified Personal Trainer, NSCA, ACSM, NASM, 2005

Black Belt in Zanshindo, Beaufort Martial Arts Academy, Beaufort, SC, 2006 ​

Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Beaufort, SC 2007 


150+ hours of volunteering/shadowing at physical therapy clinics including Roper St. Francis Hospital, Carolina Sportscare, Southeastern Spine Institute, and the Rehabilitation Centers of Charleston.


 Ever dedicated to attending and completing continuing education courses in Rolfing; SI,  Rolf Movement,    anatomy, Thai-massage,  shoulder rehab, ethics, sports massage, neuromuscular/trigger point therapy, kettlebell training, bodyweight training, core training, suspension training, and more. 

Gray Structure

meaning behind "shift"

What you’ll find at Shift: Rolfing and Wellness as a multifaceted approach towards improving your health and fitness.  Shift’s primary service is Rolfing: Structural Integration which is a holistic form of bodywork geared towards improving your body’s relationship to gravity.  The better you can adapt to this relationship the less you’ll be bogged down by chronic aches and pains.  


This practice also recognizes that there is more to health than manually realigning structure and movement.  Your body is also the result of your behaviors and beliefs which are shaped by a variety of factors in your life. This is why Shift also focuses on the therapeutic benefits of a yoga and meditation practice which helps you utilize your body’s wisdom in order to develop a stronger connection to the many different relationships you have in your life.  


A third component useful in shifting your body, apart from structure and behavior, is mobility training.  This is why personal mobility and group training are also offered by this practice.  Training helps encourage shifts made during structural integration and yoga sessions.  Being influenced by these holistic practices you’ll find training to also have a holistic feel to it making you stronger for any challenge.  Whichever way you want Shift to help you be prepared for high-quality support in helping you be your best self.