Rolfing and Wellness

In The Service of Movement Improvement 


Hi there! I'm Noel and I'm a Certified Advanced Rolfer and owner of Shift: Rolfing and Wellness.  Shift is a practice that incorporates the best parts of different approaches to promoting health and fitness into one holistic practice guided by principles of structural integration, yoga, strength training, and life transformation.



My first question to you is “What can I help you with?”  Here are some common ways I work at Shift:


Relieving Chronic Aches and Pains


Addressing Postural Imbalances


Facilitating Injury Rehabilitation 


Coaching Strength and Conditioning 


Assisting Stress Management 


Supporting Wellness and Transformation



In response to these issues, here are ways how I can help:


Rolfing: Structural Integration 


Integrative Massage Therapy


Posture and Movement Education


Yoga Therapy


Personal Fitness Training


Stretch Therapy


Group Training


Yoga Teaching and Instruction 


Continuing Professional Education  



Despite the variety of approaches used there's only one service offered at Shift and that’s the best way that I can help you address what you want to change through using your body as the medium.  Your body is a vessel through which you experience the world.  By improving its function you inevitably improve the quality of your life experience.  I look forward to meeting you and helping you along your journey!  



"Most of what I liked was the way my body gained mobility and Noel's wonderful skills and personality. This experience has been a wonderful experience."

—  Dianne, Occupational Therapist

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